Transforming business via social mission

Engaging clients and consumers more holistically by developing a ‘social mission’. By this, we mean something at the core of your company / brand that goes beyond addressing functional consumer needs and helps answer questions like “How does buying this product / service show my support for issues in the wider world?”

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their purchase decision-making
“People are going to want, and be able, to find out about the citizenship of a brand, whether it is doing the right things socially, economically and environmentally”
Mike Clasper
President of Business Development
Proctor & Gamble (Europe)

The opportunity
Organisations and brands can have a worldly relevance and purpose that is deeper than their products.
We call this a ‘social mission’.
Those that can provide deeper fulfilment, and communicate this in an inspiring way, are rewarded by consumers …… and have better-motivated employees.